Thomas P. Heckmann

Thomas P. Heckmann

Styles: Acid House, Techno
Location: Germany Label: Trope Recordings, AFU limited, AFULAB

The Knarzmachine from Mainz!

Thomas P. Heckmann is to be considered a key figure in early German techno, EBM-techno and acid, he has actively contributed to forming the landscape of electronic music.With huge successes such as RAX ltd. II –Amphetamine, Knarz-Tanzmaschine, Silent Breed – Sync In, Welt in Scherben, Exit 100 he has set the standard for the underground as well as the overground scenes. This is one artist to expect a spectacular show from, he always gives 100 % with experimenting, putting himself far out there and can guarantee new sounds with his legendary collection of instruments!

With his labels AFU Limited, AFULAB, Trope Recordings and Partyservice he continues his innovative path, leading the way for musicians from all over the world, releasing on his labels.

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