The Henrik Maneuver

The Henrik Maneuver

Styles: House, Indie
Location: Berlin Label: Solar

Ever since The Henrik Maneuver stumbled into a DJ booth in Stockholm back in ’97 there has been no doubt where he belongs, by the decks. After almost by accident taking over as a resident DJ at his favorite venue, countless club projects in Sweden and a never ending search for that “Henrik Maneuver” sound he landed in Berlin with a keen ear for electronic beats and all the bags packed with records.

The Henrik Maneuver live at Studio R from The Henrik Maneuver on Vimeo.

After a few years in the German capital The Henrik Maneuver is a well established DJ on the European scene with hundreds of gigs all over the continent and more than a few tours under the belt. With both feet firmly placed in dance music and a passion for those tongue-in-cheek twists and turns his set’s are loaded with high octane four by four beats, sneaky shifts and neat surprises. Together with his smooth and energy boosting mixing technique and unmatched ability to work the crowd into a frenzy, The Henrik Maneuver will nail you to the dance floor with a smile on your face!

Some highlights during the last couple of years are a festival performance at Pop Dakar in Stockholm with an audience of 5000 people, no less than 5 different tours with stops in Sweden, The Czech Republic and Poland, two separate week long trips to Japan and the German festival Artbase 2011.

The most notable recent appearances by The Henrik Maneuver is a legendary, at least at Berlin level, performance at the Sisyphos Festival, a live broadcast at the Berlin-based Studio R° and the club project “Du Alter Schwede” that already has invaded the line-up at several clubs in Berlin!

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