Kubkub (VJ-team)

Kubkub (VJ-team)

Styles: VJ
Location: Malmö Label: Kubkub

KubKub is a two person visual architect collective from Malmoe in Sweden

KubKub works with non-standard aspect ratios and usually with wideangle multiple projector setups. Few shows has the same setup as the last. KubKub often build venue-specific projection surfaces like multi panel setups, back-projection screens or even walls of balloons.

Recent gigs include visuals for Radioslave, Ben Klock, Riva Starr & The Renaissance Man, The Very Best, David Rodigan, Shackleton, Dmitry Fyodorov, Breakage, Jon da Silva, Nu Amsterdam Project, Olof Dreijer (The Knife), Boy 8-bit, Jesper Dahlbäck & Özgur Can.

KubKub relies heavily on input. MIDI, acoustic, touch or motion – it can all be converted into interestingly distorted filter-heavy, glitch-core visuals. In combination with self written effects and Quartz Composer patches KubKub always strives towards offering not just a fun experience but visuals noticeably influenced from sound or motion at the venue.

KubKub derived its name from the 2 m3 hovering cube that is their
signum for large venues and because they like hamsters.

KubKub visuals for Morgan Geist

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