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Who we are

We Manage with Love is a Sweden based Management/Booking/PR Agency, caring for the Scandinavian market, gathering some of the leading legends in electronic music, all wrapped in a warm and unique touch. We are also an event & PR agency, making your visions come true, would it be club events, openings, exhibitions, corporate events, festivals and more.

What we do

As it is stated in our company name, we really do manage with love! We love our artists. We love everything they do, every release, every performance, and every blog entry written about them. Otherwise, they would not be on our agency. We are equally blessed with the love of our artists, they really love us and have a strong faith in our philosophy, which is ”Mind Over Matter”.

Why we do it

In a world obsessed with material things, with quick kicks and quick fixes, where the essential soul of electronic music, techno and house, being the eternal love to the audience, the music and the scene, is being replaced by a love to hype and hysteria, we choose not to choose. We do not comprise or bend to trend. Nor do our artists. We just want to spread love, proper, solid electronic music, and lots of laughter and consciousness. That´s why we are proud to have gathered only the best of the best for You, not only in term of musical career, but also in term of personalities, because as the saying goes, personality goes a long way!

What you get

Our concept is to make some of the leading legends in Techno/House available and affordable to a wider, Scandinavian based, promoters and clubs who are hellbent on providing the only best for their audience. We provide a unique artist package, complete with well-thought PR concepts, exclusive mixes, and solid connections to the major media/blog networks. And now? Feel free to contact us regarding booking/remixes/PR questions and we will respond effectively!

Contact us: info@wmwl.org / behrang@wmwl.org


Swedish Techno

Stockholm based music community that brings more techno to Sweden and Swedish Techno to the rest of the world!


Good friends of ours that among other things organize a lovely festival on a tiny Swedish island every summer.