House Music With Love

Our favorite music blog and house music podcast station!


Based in Berlin – run by Swedes. Soundcloud provides HMWL and WMWL with at platform for distributing our promotional music material.
Our podcast on Soundcloud

Alternativ Music i Väst

Swedish West-coast-based event concept. Founders of Elektroklubben, Industri and Sveaklubben.

Kontra Musik

One of Sweden’s best labels hosting award winning Jonsson / Alter and 4 time grammis nominee Andreas Tilliander

Swedish Techno

Stockholm based music community that brings more techno to Sweden and Swedish Techno to the rest of the world!


The world’s most international premium beer. Proud sponsor of some of our best events.


Good friends of ours that among other things organize a lovely festival on a tiny Swedish island every summer.


Great platform for Dj sets and competitions


Discover great music wherever you are. Enables djs and musicians to share their playlists and Dj sets at any foursquare venue.