Özgür Can – Album Preview and Interview

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The multitalented Stockholm based Özgür Can is just about to release a much wished-for debut album.  October the 25th  Put me in a box and label me’ is out on newly started label ‘ Eat My House’. We caught up with Özgür for a album preview and a short interview.

1: It’s your debut album – Describe it.

Özgür Can: it feels amazing! finally after all these years! i dont know how many albums ive started in the past but never finished.

2. What’s the difference between this album and your older productions?

Özgür Can: the big difference is that i´ve mainly done dancemusic in the past and this album is the exact opposite!
when i started making this album i was abit tired of dancemusic and was listening to alot of other kinds of music that inspired me!
this album is the result of many years of listening to all kinds of music! but this does not mean im not gonna make music for the dancefloors anymore 😉 i´m producing more now more than ever so watch out!

3. What does your future plans look like? Any upcoming Gigs/Productions/Colabs?

Özgür Can:   Right now I’m in the studio almost every day focusing on new projects which takes up most of my time!
And ofcourse I’m very excited about the upcoming album tour!

Listen to Put me in a Box and label me

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