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Acid på Svenska – Soon out!

On Aug 26 by admin


Dreams do come true! Acid på svenska EP is soon to be released on WMWL label!

Pre-Order Link at Juno.co.uk!

Presale in Stockholm at:

Snikars Records

Pre-sale in Malmö at:


Acid på Svenska

In 1964 Jan Johansson, the legendary Swedish Jazz Composer, made an equally legendary recording of some of the most famous Swedish folksongs, titled Jazz på Svenska.

This record has become stuff of legend and myth, and influenced many musicians and is found in almost every Swedish home, but also gained international acclaim.

In 2015, almost 50 years after Jazz på Svenska, the Swedish producer Christian Lappalainen, aka Calico, made an acid remix of all these classical folksongs, with a new twist. Keeping the original melodies and harmonies intact, he has infused them in a 303 acid bath, and the result are simply amazing.

Having released on Svek, G Force and other labels, Christian aka Calico has made this project his dreamchild and WMWL is honoured to be chosen to publish this magnificient piece of electronic and jazzy saga.

A bridge between electronic music and jazz, between classical school and acid house, this record represents the finest of Swedish song there is to be hand. Only a limited version of this release will be available on vinyl, but it will be released as a digital one too, with some bonus tracks not on the vinyl.

Release date: Autumn 2015, vinyl and digital.

Pre-Order Link at Juno.co.uk!

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We now have legendary Buzz ” Bangin’ ” Goree on board!

On Feb 26 by admin

Latest addition to the ever growing WMWL-family is Buzz “ Bangin’ ” Goree, the legendary Detroit DJ who keeps being a significant part of the legendary, almost mythical, Underground Resistance movement with his hard-hitting UR Assault DJ – skills.

Experienced is an understatement; Goree has been around since the tender age of thirteen in starting with disco and developing his skills to minimal-tech house and house, techno ranging from classic UR to contemporary and beyond!

He’s worked alongside masterminds like Mike Banks  and legendary Happy Records, as well as founding his own label Night Groove Records. Bangin’s graced scenes of clubs like Liquid Room in Tokyo, & the eminent Panorama Bar, Berlin to only  mention a few, and toured with such luminaries as A Guy Called Gerald, Suburban Knight and Juan Atkins.

Buzz’s know-how and passion to develop and nurture new talent has led him to focus on Mixworks’,  his own Detroit techno-rooted imprint for budding talent from all over the world. Residing in both Detroit and Berlin Buzz stays in the vein of things, the dedicated dancer can rely on Goree to take them on a journey, moving the entire club to that small sweaty Detroit inner city sound. No questions asked.

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Tiger Stripe’s latest release ‘Sisters’ praised worldwide

On Feb 18 by admin

Mikael Nordgren aka ‘Tiger Stripes’ latest release ‘Sisters’ is an absolute banger. The track is spot on with Leroy Burgess’ soulful vocals. A smooth and truly hopeful piece of art that puts us in the mood for summer. Out now on DJ Loco Dice’s Düsseldorf based label Desolat, both as vinyl and digital and accompanied by a remix from fellow label artist tINI.

The track has gained instant acknowledge, praise and love worldwide and was featured by Steve Angello, in the BBC Radio1 show Residency [Trent Cantrelle guestmix]

‘Sisters’ has acquired outstandingly good reviews from well-renowned Mixmag among many others and Desolat’s Loco Dice himself lists it as his ‘tune of the season’ for inthemix.com “It’s an epic, uplifting tune with an irresistible groove and vocals by Leroy Burgess. Every time I played it people were hugging each other and raising their hands in the air with tears in their eyes.”

The track keeps going down a storm worldwide, be sure to catch Tiger Stripes deliver those feel good vibes on the dance floor soon as!


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WMWL wishes you a new funky 2014!

On Dec 30 by admin

Andreas Foxx at Bar Foxx in Gothenburg with a copy of WMWL001 – Folkets Hus EP

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.06.46
Last year was a superb year for electronic music all around the globe! Many Scandinavian artists found their way to charts and clubs,  and many of our Chicago artists visited Scandinavian clubs and European festivals. WMWL also released its first vinyl, a four track EP with some of the finest Swedish producers. The vinyl recieved early good feedback and can be viewed below.

Next year will see WMWL focus more on forthcoming releases featuring many of the artists on the roster and also different remix/production collaborations. Look out for our artists at both Scandinavian and international events and do hit us up if you would like to discuss partnerships and concepts!

Warm wishes from us at We Manage With Love!

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Listen: Rudimental Track Remixed by Roy Davis Jr

On Nov 23 by admin

Roy Davis Jr returns with his latest remix of Rudimental’s track “Free feat Emeli Sande.” The original track is the last song off the British quartet’s debut album Home which peaked at #1 on the UK charts earlier this year. The remix features a roaming bassline which flows well with the driving grooves while dreamy synths sit below the changing keyboard shapes. Emeli Sande’s vocals provide a throwback to the soul of the 90s and the layered repetition of the chorus lines make the track irresistible to dance to. This is one of many remixes of the album which was received to great critical acclaim around the electronic music world. Check out the track below via the group’s SoundCloud.

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DJ Pierre Releases Remix of Dosem’s “Atica”

On by admin

DJ Pierre takes no time getting to the beat in his latest remix of Dosem’sAtica.” Part of a compilation release of remixes of the Spanish producer’s track which he dropped as recently as this past summer, DJ Pierre’s take uses the oceanic samples from the original to help build into his unique shifting bassline. Focusing on the rhythmic elements of Dosem’s early track, Pierre does away with the theatrics and instead gets right to the subtle layering which gives him such an unparalleled sound. Check out the link to the SoundCloud provided exclusively through MixMag.

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The Truth featuring Marshall Jefferson

On Nov 20 by admin

Marshall Jefferson is back, guesting with vocals on a a new EP produced by English Producer and Label connoisseur Matt Tolfrey. Following the release of his first full length album Word of Mouth last year, Tolfrey has now officially released the record’s standout track “The Truth (featuring Marshall Jefferson)” as a single along with remixes of the track by Geeeman and Jon Charnish. Featuring the guest vocals of house legend Marshall Jefferson, the song’s deep bassline rolls nicely alongside the persistent bass and hi-hats while the remixes offer different takes on the subtle spoken word vocals of Jefferson. You can check out the link to the Geeeman remix below as well as a recent interview Jefferson did with John Doran from The Quietus.


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WMWL001 – Folkets Hus EP is here

On Jul 1 by admin


A1: Andycap – Time Won’t Let Us Stop
A2: KAB – By The Lake
B1: Özgür Can – Force
B2: Jesper Aubin – Inspiration

Vinyl release: 24 june
Digital release: 22 july

Juno / Decks

Some 100 years ago, Sweden was a miserable dark and damp habitat. August Strindberg captured the soul of the country, Ingmar Bergman psyched it, and Lena Nyman sexed it up. Nowadays, we add nostalgia about the Swedish Model to that mix.

This record is a story about the Sweden you might not know, in which you need a special permit….to dance. And might well end up in jail for organizing a party, or simply dancing in the streets, by the lake or in the woods. In one shape or another, we have been at the epicenter of Swedish underground dance culture and it’s relentless fight for survival for more than a decade. DJing, producing, and organizing parties and festivals from the southern tip of Scania, to the remote mountains of Lapland.

On Folkets Hus (Swedish for “People’s House”) we gather four of Sweden’s most forward thinking and talented artists. They represent varied styles and motions, ages and characters. But all unite in having what we feel is the sound of the woods and the lakes in Sweden.This release is further dedicated to all of those who have inspired us and kept us going on all those dark, cold & damp years.

DJ Support: 
Djuma Soundsystem, Nima Khak, Paul Brtschitsch, Felix Cage, Calle Dernulf, DJ NYBC, Franco Bianco, Nathan Burns (Microzoo) , Kuba Kraczewski (Exotic Refreshement), Vicky Montefusco, Sasha Kaktus, Samuli Kemppi, Fred White, Andreas Foxx, Marphi

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Tiger Stripes to mix Get Physical’s “Full Body Workout”

On May 23 by admin


Tiger Stripes is confirmed to mix the ‘Full Body Workout’ series of compilations on Get Physical. The compilation will feature carefully selected exclusives from the cream of underground producers associated to the Get Physical family.  Also on Get Physical Music, the track ‘Runaways’, which featured exclusively on the “Full Body Workout 10” is now being prepared for single release after amazing feedback from DJs. No expense spared, the Get Physical Team is working on a fantastic remix package including a mix from no other than legendary Matthew Herbert.

Tiger Stripes also just signed a 2 track EP to Detroit label Kolour recordings, and a single for Loco Dice’s label Desolat. ‘‘Solid Air’, the amazing cover of the John Marty classic is now signed to SOUNDZ, and is forthcoming with a remix package from Chicago DJ/Producer Tevo Howard. The Tiger Stripes remix of “Depends” by Edu Imbernon is released 6th may on Edu’s label Eklektisch, and Tiger Stripes also recently remixed Chelonis R Jones “Pinwheel Piaf” for Marc Romboy‘s Systematic label. The track is taken from the album “The Prison Buffet” and is being prepared for release early summer. Enough talk, enjoy the mix!

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Tandem Sky live on Swedish national TV. Album gets top reviews.

On Apr 10 by admin

Tandem Sky – Leaving with Me (Live at TV4)

Magnus Carlson and Mikael Nordgren performs  three songs from the new album, live on Swedish national TV4‘s morning show. In their clever, seemingly effortless manner, they give the viewers ‘Victoria’, first single from the new album that has rapidly become a favorite, remixed by Sonic Boom, and Jesper Dahlbäck as well as Jon Dasilva. Together with the tracks ‘Never Letting Go’ and ‘Leaving With Me’ this is an excellent taster of what lies ahead for Tandem Sky with album launch and tour.

Magnus’s voice has the ability to take the listener on a journey, and with Mikaels well-produced beats, Tandem Sky delivers brilliantly well-produced tracks. But who would have expected anything less than perfection from these two gentlemen?

Tandem Sky – Victoria (Live at TV4)
Tandem Sky

The full album is now released on Warner Music, followed immediately by top reviews:


DN: 4/5
Allehanda: 4/5

Listen to the whole album on Spotify:

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