Tandem Sky live on Swedish national TV. Album gets top reviews.

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Tandem Sky – Leaving with Me (Live at TV4)

Magnus Carlson and Mikael Nordgren performs  three songs from the new album, live on Swedish national TV4‘s morning show. In their clever, seemingly effortless manner, they give the viewers ‘Victoria’, first single from the new album that has rapidly become a favorite, remixed by Sonic Boom, and Jesper Dahlbäck as well as Jon Dasilva. Together with the tracks ‘Never Letting Go’ and ‘Leaving With Me’ this is an excellent taster of what lies ahead for Tandem Sky with album launch and tour.

Magnus’s voice has the ability to take the listener on a journey, and with Mikaels well-produced beats, Tandem Sky delivers brilliantly well-produced tracks. But who would have expected anything less than perfection from these two gentlemen?

Tandem Sky – Victoria (Live at TV4)
Tandem Sky

The full album is now released on Warner Music, followed immediately by top reviews:


DN: 4/5
Allehanda: 4/5

Listen to the whole album on Spotify:

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