WMWL001 – Folkets Hus EP is here

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A1: Andycap – Time Won’t Let Us Stop
A2: KAB – By The Lake
B1: Özgür Can – Force
B2: Jesper Aubin – Inspiration

Vinyl release: 24 june
Digital release: 22 july

Juno / Decks

Some 100 years ago, Sweden was a miserable dark and damp habitat. August Strindberg captured the soul of the country, Ingmar Bergman psyched it, and Lena Nyman sexed it up. Nowadays, we add nostalgia about the Swedish Model to that mix.

This record is a story about the Sweden you might not know, in which you need a special permit….to dance. And might well end up in jail for organizing a party, or simply dancing in the streets, by the lake or in the woods. In one shape or another, we have been at the epicenter of Swedish underground dance culture and it’s relentless fight for survival for more than a decade. DJing, producing, and organizing parties and festivals from the southern tip of Scania, to the remote mountains of Lapland.

On Folkets Hus (Swedish for “People’s House”) we gather four of Sweden’s most forward thinking and talented artists. They represent varied styles and motions, ages and characters. But all unite in having what we feel is the sound of the woods and the lakes in Sweden.This release is further dedicated to all of those who have inspired us and kept us going on all those dark, cold & damp years.

DJ Support: 
Djuma Soundsystem, Nima Khak, Paul Brtschitsch, Felix Cage, Calle Dernulf, DJ NYBC, Franco Bianco, Nathan Burns (Microzoo) , Kuba Kraczewski (Exotic Refreshement), Vicky Montefusco, Sasha Kaktus, Samuli Kemppi, Fred White, Andreas Foxx, Marphi

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