WMWL Podcast by Ulf Eriksson (Kontra Musik Showcase)

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Ulf Eriksson takes us on a journey into the depth of Kontra Musik. The mix is like a presentation of the label from the first release to their latest one. For 2012 we can expect many more releases from Kontra Musik Showcase; “Great stuff and totally unexpected for the label. Which of course is perfect. Predictability is a deadly sin in music” Ulf says. We couldn’t agree more.

1. Agaric – the Outside [KM002]
2. Jonsson/Alter – Olidan [KM019]
3. Jonsson/Alter – Djup House [KM022]
4. Jason Fine – Half (Anton Zap remix) [KM009]
5. Rivet – Metrist [KM023]
6. Jason Fine – Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun remix) [KM013]
7. Jason Fine – Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere mix) [KM010]
8. Mokira – Time Track [KM018.1]
9. Mokira/Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report 1 [KM017]
10. Agaric – Playing Games [KM001] + Jason Fine – Inuit [KM008.2]
11. Scaff – SSM 440 [KM006]
12. Mokira – Time Track (Silent Servant remix) [KM018.1]
13. Agaric – Playing Games (Marcel Dettmann remix) [KM005]
14. One aka Tobias Von Hofsten – Deep Thought [KM003]
15. Jason Fine – Many to many (Ben Klock remix) [KM013]
16. Luke Hess – Believe and Receive (Shedsdeepanddubbydub remix) [KM007]
17. Jonsson/Alter – Orgelpunkten [KM019]
18. Jonsson/Alter – Tre Ackord [KM022]
19. Gunnar Jonsson – Massage Rutin 1 [KM014]

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